Thursday, January 29, 2009

Your Invited

Our College and Young PRo Ministry is haviong an event, its a pre-valentine and anniversary activity... if your interested and near the vicinity of our church, you're definitely invited....
(our address-its beside shakey's monumento, EDSA corner b. serrano st.)

Zion Christian Fellowship
College & YPro Ministry


A Very Special Love
( An acoustic pre – valentine Fellowship )
Zion Center

08 February 2009
2:29 pm

Be in the mood for love…
Savor soulful music straight from the heart…
Get REAL inspirations from Songs and Scriptures…

FYI : Kuya Arch ( 3610951)
Ate Cristy

Wear something RED and your entry is FREE!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Freedom in the name of JESUS

Yesterday we held our first Highschool fellowship for this year, as usual it was so much fun and I have been assigned to the most important role above all... the food!!!! (nah kidding!!!, just prepared an egg sandwich and orange juice)heheheh :>... the message was led by our youth pastor, Eldan MErcado (it is confirmed you are the youth pastor?) heheheh... the theme was about faith we have adapted the Fear Factor reality show theme from the visuals up to the daring games, hows the amplaya shake..anyone still want some?.... and the message was good it had blessed us all.. and the promo ad and all presentation techi stuff great thanks to jonats.. who also had a good shout as he backed up the song leader...wohohooooo.... lark your great tooo....

A Truth Indeed

Just read Today's On-line daily Bread and the message just touches my heart just want to repost it so it may also bless and touch others. The message is indeed true as for me I pray that someday i may have the gift of sharing God's message in a way Jesus did, being sensitive without hurting people and not to coerced people instead let the Holy Spirit do the final work.


"A woman bought a bottle of cod liver oil to give to her dog so he could have a healthier and shinier coat. Every morning, she pried the dog’s jaws open and forced the liquid down his throat. He struggled, but she persisted. He doesn’t know what’s good for him! she thought. Faithfully, each day she repeated the process.
One day, however, the bottle tipped over and she released her grip on the dog for just a moment to wipe up the mess. The dog sniffed at the fishy liquid and began lapping up what she had spilled. He actually loved the stuff. He had simply objected to being coerced!
Sometimes we use a similar method in telling others about Christ. Called buttonholing, it’s an intense, in-your-face kind of confrontation. While earnestly desiring to share the gospel, we may end up repelling people instead. In our sincere but overly enthusiastic attempt, we create resistance.
We are called to share the good news, but we are not responsible for someone’s acceptance or rejection of Christ. It’s not our job to try to convict someone of sin. That’s the Holy Spirit’s responsibility (John 16:8).
As you tell others of Christ’s sacrifice, be sensitive. Know when to slow down and let God and His Word do the convicting and drawing to Himself. —Cindy Hess Kasper
The Spirit’s role is to convictThe world of all their sinSo they will seek forgiveness andBe cleansed and changed within. —Sper

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In heavy and lonely days...GOD be praised

its been quite some time since i published my first blog. a lot had happened... so much to do at work and so many to do in other areas.... and just recently an incident fill it all... it was wenesday night and it was Prayer meeting night at our church,on my way home my bag was snatched by a person riding a tricycle (as it is called here in the phils. - identified as a motor with a passenger cab) taking all of my things which were, of course inside my bag. my initial reaction is to go after him without thinking what to do if he stopped. so funny, i imagined asking him to return my bag, will he grant it, definitely not!... As i was running after him, a voice came up to me, telling me to STOP and just let it go.. as i stopped, things happened so fast after that. i just realized i was already home, listening to all the interogation my family was making. Aswering them back and unconciously i was also in panic. As all have been settled and questions were already answered, i came to a quiet time, thinking back what had happened. Somehow thinking what have i lost, my cellphone, my wallet, even my college grad picture which is the only remebrance of my skinny body (hehehe) most of all MY BIBLE even my daily bread which i seldom bring to my office. Then i came also in realizing before that incident i was actually recalling the story i read on the daily bread weeks ago.. its about a christian woman who was hit-and-run by a car with a violent driver who apparently found out that was under the influence of alcohol. she was under a comatoze for weeks, people was saying 'How can God let this happen to her, inspite of her dedicated service to her church." As the woman woke up the first thing she said "Thank you Lord for protecting me from death and giving me the gift of life again". And now a somehow same incident happened to me, as i meditate could i anyone who knew what had happened to me would also ask ' Did God really allow that to happen?" or i myself have to ask that question? But i realize being a christian does not mean that we have a storm-free life, as what our pastor have told us. My mind had shifted in to thinking, who was that voice who told me to stop? Is it God? and if i didnt stop get those snatchers they might have hurt me and worst thing might had happened. My parents might not be able to ask me what happened cause a coffin might answer them all..... As a final conclusion, yes God allow things to happen, even bad things and even to His children, His faithful children. He allow things to happen to prove that He is control of everything and He will never ever let those bad things to hurt us, He still the author of our lives His will will still be done. We may leave his side, be unfaithful, go back to ur wrong doings, backslide yet He will not leave our side. We are his beloved children and He's our father who would protect us and love us unconditionally. Material things are just material things, it can be replace, someone can take it away from me over and over again but He's love and protection can never be taken away from me. For a while i have been sad and i had mourn for what happen. But remembering how God had whispered to me and remind me me of His protection it washed it all away. So for heavy, not so good and lonely days... GOD be praised Always!!!!!

------- have started this months ago but just finished it now, so glad that i have written this whole heartedly......

--- Lei

Thursday, October 16, 2008

the birth of my blog

so excited to make my first ever blog, though actually dont know what to put here.but maybe this could be my diary for my daily activities, frustrations, happiness, every feelings i have for a day. but i dont want to focus on the frustrations side. ahehehe
Yesterday was my birthday!!!!Happy Birthday!!! i am actually counting all the birthday greetings i received through sms, and not erasing any of them.I still feel excited reading them again and again...
Honestly and obviously i was very happy yesterday, i, too, was surprised to have this feeling.. in the past i would always feel normal for these days.Dinner with friends and family would be enough celebration for it.But yesterday was different and i came to know that maybe i am very happy because i totally realize how blessed i am and how faithful the LOrd had been by for the past 25 years inspite of my shortcomings and unfaithfulness to him.This year provides opportunity for me to see how the Lord work in life.And for that I patiently waits for His will be done in my life.I am lifting everything to him leaving it all into his hands.Ill be just right here, growing for him. As my favorite song says, "Until I see you face to face and grace amazing takes me home, I'll trust in you.
May he continue using me for His glory and honor.